What is included in the package?

The package include 180 days of marketing server hosting. This means that you will earn revenue share of the activity of the marketing server for 180 days.

Do I have to do anything with the servers?

No. They are used by AdFellaz to generate revenue.

How do I earn my revenue share?

You earn your revenue share from campaigns send out through the marketing servers by AdFellaz to users world wide.

Can the revenue share change?

Yes it changes according to revenue generated on the AdFellaz marketing platform. This means that the revenue share paid out to our partners reflect the revenue generated by AdFellaz.

How often is the revenue share adjusted?

AdFellaz tries to adjust the revenue share as accurate as possible. This means that the revenue share can be adjusted on a daily basis.

How is the revenue share calculated?

The Revenue share is based on the revenue generated by adfellaz on the marketing done on our marketing infrastructure. That means that the revenue share can go up and down depending on the over all revenue share and the number of hosting packages that is running on our network.

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First of all, well done all of you. We have been able to keep a steady growth over the summer. But especially we would like to congratulate the winners of the summer competition.


5 Packages are on the way to the winners.


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